Opening Event

Film screening and Discussion

Carlos Casas: Cemetery

Carlos Casas generously shared his film Cemetery which was screened for the Composing Worlds Conference Opening Event on 13th December, 2020. If you missed this opportunity during the conference, the film is available on MUBI until December 17. 

The above video is a discussion panel held with Casas and some of the conference speakers regarding the film. Deborah Schrijvers also wrote a short essay about the reasons for watching Cemetery, which is available to read in The Gallery section, here

The award-winning film, Cemetery, is a richly-textured film that follows the story of Nga, an old elephant and Sanra, his mahout, on a journey to a mythical elephant's graveyard following an environmental catastrophe. As the journey progresses, we find both man and elephant are pursued closely by group of poachers. See the trailer here.

A story of grieving and survival, intersecting nature documentary, experimental film, road movie and soundscape, the movie confronts us with the Conference's perennial questions regarding memory, colonialism, conservation, extinction and the complexity of interspecies relationships. Join us for a mesmerizing visual experience that pushes the visual to new tactile, sonic ground as we are immersed in the sound, surfaces and sights of the Sri Lankan jungle. 



Carlos Casas (b. 1974, Spain) is a filmmaker and artist who engages with the overlap between documentary, experimental film and the natural world. He develops immersive soundscapes to explore questions of memory and mortality.