Ghaneshwaran Balachandran 

Ghaneshwaran Balachandran's photographs offer us a glimpse into the on-the-ground practices of elephant biologists. The demands on and skills required of researchers in the field as they investigate elephant behaviour and habitat are often left unarticulated in quantitative scientific reports and articles. 

Ghaneshwaran, a wildlife photographer, approached MEME (Management and Ecology of Malaysian Elephants) and proposed a collaboration with the research group in order to document their work, and was subsequently invited on a field trip. 

His photos attend not only to the hidden practical and technical aspects of field research but also the traces of the elusive giants in the landscape. Images of footprints, fruits, salt licks, and dung reveal both elephant presence and the interconnectedness between nonhuman animals, rainforest ecology, and even conservation scientists.

Enjoy exploring Ghaneshwaran's documentary insight into scientific fieldwork. We recommend clicking on the images for an expanded view, and then scrolling through his excellent series, "Lords of the Forest".

Lords of the Forest