The Gallery 

The Gallery host five artists who engage with the subject of human-elephant relations. In addition to their visual work, some of the gallery pages have accompanying short essays which unpack the themes present in their projects


Carlos Casas

An essay by by Deborah Schrijvers on the reason for watching Casas' more-than-human film, "Cemetery"

The Real Elephant Collective 

& The Elephant Family

Life size sculptures of over 100 elephants, made from the invasive weed, lantana. A herd travelling across the globe.


Philippe Coste 

"Of Elephants and Men" is a photographic series that explores a form of interspecies labour, the collaboration between human and elephant working on timber logging.


Ghaneshwaran Balachandran

Photographic documentary and collaboration with MEME (Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants), a science-based conservation program